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 Processing Your Catch (determining cost versus value) 
Now that you have spent a lot of time, money, and effort catching your fish, it is essential to take the best possible care of your catch. We at AMG are committed to ensuring that your catch is kept as fresh as possible, from bait to plate.  Unlike game that often improves with aging, a fish begins to break down as soon as it is removed from the water. 

There are three phases for proper fish handling and processing.  

The first phase we handle on board subduing, bleeding the fish, and keeping them in a cold hold.  
The second phase is filleting your fish properly to maximize your yield.  Professional fish cleaners will meet us at the boat when we return. The cost is minimal, and they will clean the fish exactly the way you want them. We will walk you through the entire process from off-loading to working with the processor.

The final phase is the processing.  We work with both Easy Freeze and Fish Central in processing your catch.  Both processors blast freeze and vacum seal your fish.  Blast freezing ensures a quality product free of moisture while vacuum sealing protects your fish.  They can also arrange for shipping.