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Travel Information

Prince William Sound is a sportsman's paradise.   Whether it is fishing, hunting, viewing the majestic glaciers, bountiful marine mammals or the panoramic vistas, there is something for everyone.

Our boat exceeds USCG standards for safety and is made for northwest waters.  We often use heavy gear and the fish can top 200 pounds. This coupled with long treks and sea states that can rapidly change, sometimes make trips a bit rigorous.  We pay very close and vigilant attention to the weather and the seas.  Our USCG licensed skippers understand the uniqueness of PWS and the Gulf of Alaska and will not take any unnecessary risks in ensuring your safety. With that said, the best thing you can do to prepare is to do your research.  

We want to ensure that you have as much information as possible. Please look at the chart below and see the areas we typically fish.  Feel free to contact us at 907-590-3454 or email us at akmarineguides@gmail.com with any questions.  

What to bring

The saying, "Plan for the climate and dress for the weather," is a good motto when fishing not only in Valdez, but anywhere in Alaska. I am often asked about the weather.  My pat answer is plan on 50 degrees and raining.  Anything better is gravy.    
We suggest you think about what you are wearing in terms of layering.  When layering think of the three W's: wicking, warmth, and weather.  Wicking, the first layer, is to keep your skin dry.  You can really work up a sweat with those barn door halibut.  For warmth, we suggest fleece or wool.  Lastly, for weather we recommend a good slicker suit to keep your clothes dry.  The Sea Quester has has a heated cabins, but let's face it who wants to be stuck in the cabin all day?  For foot gear we suggest a non-skid sole that is waterproof.
In addition to your attire, you should make sure you have an Alaskan fishing license, a camera, and whatever snacks and drinks you desire.   Please keep your coolers down to a small size, and please no wheels on your coolers.  

Please contact us at 907-590-3454 or email us at akmarineguides@gmail.com.